Chapter two


by Cherry Blossom


Bigwig finally decided that he could not leave this rabbit, which was completely unable to fend for itself, alone and liable to be killed off by elil at any moment.


The hlessi looked at Bigwig with tired eyes. "Please, I need... someplace... to stay..." was all he seemed able to get out.


Bigwig nodded and motioned back towards the warren. "You may rest there..." He was about to ask the hlessi what it's name was and how it came to be alone near their warren, when the buck fell to the ground in exhaustion. Bigwig nudged the hlessi slightly but he simply moaned and did not even try to stand. Bigwig sighed slightly. "Get up, it is not far." He pushed the hlessi harder and finally it got up finally.


Bigwig led the hlessi, with a few more pushes and shoves, towards Watership Down. He saw Fiver look over at them and then hop over.


How does Fiver react to the hlessi?

1. Fiver likes the hlessi and welcomes him to Watership Down.

2. Fiver dislikes the hlessi and tells Bigwig to take the buck far away from them.


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