Chapter six


by Cherry Blossom


Fiver shivered as he hopped over to Bigwig. He felt a horrible chill as he saw the hlessi fall to the ground in exhaustion next to Bigwig. Fiver shook his head and backed up slightly. "Oh dear, oh dear..."


Bigwig stared at Fiver, wondering what had disturbed him so. "Fiver, what is it?"


"Oh, this is horrible..." Fiver almost went tharn as he sat there shivering and watching the hlessi.


Bigwig pushed Fiver slightly to get him to respond. "Fiver, what are you blathering about?"


Fiver swallowed and shrunk down to the ground, not taking his eyes off of the horrible hlessi. "How could you bring such a creature here? How? How?"


Bigwig looked back at the hlessi and didn't see anything that could cause him much concern, beside the fact that this rabbit could be a troublemaker. He shook his head. "Fiver, I don't see any reason..."


Fiver suddenly jumped to his feet. "ANY REASON?! Can't you see? He's horrible and should be taken far away. He's..."


What does Fiver say is wrong with the hlessi?

1. Fiver says that he has killed and abandoned his own warren.

2. Fiver says that he has the white blindness.


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