Chapter four


by Seabreeze


Fiver looked the hlessi up and down, at first remaining silent, his tawny fur quivering in the breeze before he looked at Bigwig, saying at length, "Who is this?"


Bigwig looked at the small rabbit, leading him off a few steps before answering. "A hlessi I found nearby. I think he may need... assistance," the former Owsla answered gruffly, before hopping back to the scarred one. "What is your name?"


The hlessi stared at him wideeyed, bloodshot eyes looking at him unwaveringly with an intense gaze- most clearly he was used to being respected. "My name 'tis Chestnut," he replied with a thick accent covering his speech.


Fiver looked back at him wonderingly, "Why are you here?"


Chestnut blinked once slowly, saying at length, "My warren was destroyed. I need someplace to stay; a sanctuary."


After many long moments, Fiver finally nodded. "I think he's alright. Take him to Hazel."



Does Bigwig take him down into the warren, or go get Hazel?

1. Bigwig runs down the run to go get Hazel and bring him up- no use risking going into the warren with the stranger.

2. Chancing it, Bigwig takes Chestnut down into the warren.


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