Chapter eight

"Chestnut's Past"

by Shamrock


Chestnut slowly turned around and faced the three rabbits.


"I'm from a place you'd never wish to see, a place that's worse than any elil-filled field with you in the middle."


Fiver glanced at Hazel.


"Carry on," said Hazel.


"I was a hutch rabbit once. I was born in a hutch, but then the humans who cared for us-- something happened, and me, my mother, and my sister were sent away. My mother and sister were taken before me, then I was took in a hrududu to a big building." He stopped to swallow. "The place they took me was white, and smelt unbearably clean. The pen I was in was too small to pass hraka comfortably, and every day, they stabbed me with a needle. Numerous times I felt ill, sick enough to die, but they kept on sticking these things in my fur, and 'testing' powder on my ears. Then one day, I was taken to a small room, and put on a table. There was a noise from the next room. The door was open, so I jumped and ran, and I hid. I eventually found my way out of the building and into a field. To my left was a black river with hrududu on it, racing faster than Frith could run, and to my right was a wood."


Hazel and Bigwig were astounded by Chestnut's story, but Fiver was less enthusiastic for him to go on.


Where does Chestnut go in his story?

1. Across the hrududu river.

2. Into the wood.


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