Chapter eleven

"Running in Darkness"

by Downflay


"What happened next?" Bigwig prodded.

"Into the wood of course! I saw how fast the hrududil were going and I knew I would be killed if I went across the Black River!" retored Chestnut and then saw how both astonished and angry Bigwig was and lowered his head and blinked sheepishly, "I'm sorry. I was getting upset while telling the story." Bigwig made no reply.

"Anyway, I tore into the black shadow of woods that seemed that seemed to have no end. I dashed frettingly toward a burrow that didn't exist and ran on and on. It was so dark I couldn't see so I was going only by smell and sound. I didn't know what ran in that wood and I didn't want to know. There were sounds. Horrible sounds... they were like the screams of the Owsla of the Black Rabbit of Inlé!

"Suddenly, a noise so terrible and unearthly streaked through the blackness and endless horror I went tharn for a moment and then I force myself out of frozen fear ran for my life for I was sure the Black Rabbit was following me! I dashed faster than ever before in my life, faster than El-Hrairah himself. That's when I had my first encounter with enlil other than men..."


What happens when he runs into the elil?

1. He stands his ground and fights the elil.

2. He runs away.


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