Chapter ten


by Self-heal


Fiver suddenly squealed like a rabbit caught in a wire, clawing at his throat and thrashing. This continued for some time, but just as Bigwig was going to say something to calm Fiver down, the smaller rabbit stopped thrashing.


"He has...he has the white blindness..." Fiver whispered. He lifted his voice, until the whole warren could here. "Zorn, O zorn!"


Bigwig cuffed Fiver and bared his teeth. "Hush! None of that nonsense! How could the hlessi have the white blindness? Why, he barely has ears to carry the fleas!"


Fiver began shaking. "Blind...I'm going blind...oh, look! Frith is gone from the sky! Zorn, o zorn!"


Bigwig cuffed Fiver again, to shut him up, but it was too late. The others were already flooding over to where they were standing.


"What's going on here?" Hazel demanded.



Who speaks next?

1. Bigwig.

2. Fiver.


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