Chapter five

"A New Beginning"

by Bubba


Bigwig knew that the stranger would be be unimpressed if Hazel were to emerge from his warren. Wanderers must go in to meet chiefs, even in the hedgerow and the warren.


Bigwig ordered the stranger to follow him. Two young sentries followed the new rabbit, without orders, even unspoken orders, but knowing it was expected all the same.


The sentry at the mouth of the run leading to Hazel's burrow stood aside, regarding the new arrival curiously. Like the other rabbits, Lovage could sense that this rabbit had gone through madness and beyond.


All rabbits know about running-- is not "stop running" their word for "die" ?-- but this one looked like he would run with his back legs even though the Black Rabbit gnawed at his front.


Lovage knew the Chief and his cronies had founded the warren after many adventures, three summers ago, and that was alright-- a warren with new and interesting stories could be proud of itself. And of course he went lettuce raiding, partly for fun, partly to get noticed. But Lovage often felt, belly full of grass, listening to stories in the Honeycomb, how much easier it was when everyone wasn't running around the countryside.


So Lovage feared the new rabbit. Not because of his scars. Even if each one had been honourably earned, Lovage had been trained by Captain Bigwig himself, a rabbit feared by wise cats. But the new rabbit looked as though he might lead the warren away-- something Lovage preferred to listen to than live.


What does Lovage do next?

1. Stand his guard and gossip about the stranger later.

2. Get a friend to take his post, and try to hear what the stranger says to Hazel-rah.


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