Chapter twelve

"Listening In"

by Daisy


When the two rabbits entered the burrow they saw Hazel waiting for them.

"Hello, Chestnut. I am Hazel-rah. I hope you will find my warren comfortable enough. May I ask why you are here?"

" Indeed you may, Hazel-rah. I have come from a warren called Yindley. The warren was destroyed by a great rabbit by the name of General Woundwort about 6 months ago. All who could fled, but I am the one survivor.We suffered greatly to get here and my doe, Crowsong, died just yesterday. We had heard of your warren and thought that we could use it's numerous population to get back at Woundwort for his awful deed."

Hazel looked confused," I am sure you have heard the story of how we overcame General Woundwort and I can assure you that none of my people would fight him again for Frith himself. I am afraid we cannot help you but you may stay and live here if you so choose."

"I understand but I hope you are willing to suffer the consequences, Hazel-rah." answered Chestnut. With that he left and limped away into the darkness of the east.


What does Lovage do when he hears this conversation?

1. Ignores it and leaves. Maybe Chestnut is kidding.

2. Tells all of his freinds that Chestnut is a dangerous rabbit.


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