Chapter one

"Scarred Hlessi"

by Posy-rah


It was an average day at Watership Down. It reminded Bigwig of the days when the warren was still freshly dug. Kehar was visiting from the "Peeg Vater", Hazel was making sure that things were running smoothly with the help of Holly and Campion, and Fiver was sitting under the shade of an oak tree, chewing on some choice flayrah, yet not noticing the flavor for he was staring off into space. Bigwig sighed contentedly.


A light breeze ruffled the mop of fur on his head. Bigwig reached up distractedly to push it back into place, but stopped when he saw a shape appear over the ridge of the down. He squinted to make out what it was that was approaching. It was definately another animal, but was it elil or friend? He hesitated before thumping an alarm and decided to get closer before warning the others silflaying.


Bigwig cautiously hopped closer, making sure that he was still hidden from the other creature. Finally, he was able to see that it was a hlessi limping towards Watership Down. Bigwig bounded out into the other rabbit's path.


"Stop!" he called. The hlessi slowed and paused. Bigwig was finally able to get a good look at the other rabbit. It was a buck, with scars all over his body, marring his once-beautiful reddish-gray fur. The hlessi had a terrible limp, and favored his right hind foot, which was magled and almost unusable. But what worried Bigwig were the scars, which were worse than even Blackavar's. Either this rabbit had been through some hard times, or he's a troublemaker. Bigwig wondered what he should do.



What does Bigwig do next?

1. Orders the hlessi away, fearing that he'd cause trouble in the warren.

2. Accepts the hlessi into the warren, taking pity on him in his horrible condition.


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