The Watership Down Interactive Story


What is the Watership Down Interactive Story? Basically, it is a choose your own adventure story that you can add on to yourself. What do you do? You read the story, and click on the choices at the bottom of the page to go to the next chapter. If the choice leads to a dead end, you can write the next chapter yourself. Easy, huh? If you're having trouble, go to the site where I got the idea: Griffin Bryant's Star Wars Interactive Story. You can find the site also listed in the links section.


Chapter one, "Scarred Hlessi", by Posy-rah

- Chapter three, "The Hlessi", by Hawthorn

- Chapter two, "Pity", by Cherry Blossom

- - Chapter four, "Conclusions", by Seabreeze

- - - Chapter five, "A New Beginning", by Bubba

- - - - Chapter twelve, "Listening In," by Daisy

- - Chapter six, "Horrible...", by Cherry Blossom

- - - Chapter seven, "Inle", by Nettle-rah

- - - - Chapter nine, "What Happened to Chestnut", by Gelphi

- - - - Chapter eight, "Chestnut's Past", by Shamrock

- - - - - Chapter eleven, "Running in Darkness", by Downflay

- - - Chapter ten, "Untitled", by Self-heal


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