The rabbit:

Name: Waythorn

Age: 1 year, 6 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Coppery-brown with black-tipped ears and tail

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Former Owsla corporal, now wandering mystic.


For the first two seasons of his life, Waythorn wanted to be a soldier in his warren's Owsla. Unfortunately, his "gift" of Feysight (the ability to see and talk to spirits) manifested shortly after his military career began, and he was dismissed from the Owsla after only one season of training. An outcast among his own warren, who fear his talent, he began a life as a wandering mystic. Waythorn has been hlessi for a number of seasons now, and hopes to find a home in Posy-rah's warren.

Physically, Waythorn is about average size, with coppery brown and black fur, and deep gold eyes. His manner is pleasant in a distant way, with a slight spookiness.


The human:

Name: Waythorn

Age: 30

Gender: Male

E-mail: WAYTHORN@prodigy.net


In real life, Waythorn works as a professional villain, frightening people at a year-round haunted castle attraction in Orlando, Florida.

Other interests include Watership Down (favorite book), Redwall, and numerous other anthropomorphic titles, too many to list-- if it has talking animals in it, I've probably read it. RPG's and parapsychology are other hobbies as well.


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