Watership Down, written in 1978 by Richard Adams, is without a doubt my favorite book. I'd always heard about it when people refer to classic novels, but I never got much more of a description other than, "Uh... It's about rabbits." So finally, one day, I was at the bookstore in the mall with some money burning a hole in my pocket, and so I decided to buy a bunch of "classic" books I had never read. One of those books was Watership Down. To date, it is the best thing I've ever bought on impulse. (Except for that fake princess tiara. Fun, fun, fun!)

The things I liked about the book were the characters, who you ended up really caring about, the complex rabbit society (I'm a really big science-fiction fan so I like learning about new civilizations and stuff), and a really good plot. In most books you know a main character won't die because that would be the end of the story, but in Watership Down there are so many characters and the rabbit's lives are so fragile that you never know what might happen to your favorite character. It all adds up to a suspenseful, involving book.

Of course, there were a few things I didn't like about the book. Exactly two, in fact. First of all, I didn't really like the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It didn't really add much to the story, although it did put a different perspective on events, but sometimes they weren't even in English. (I was able to sort of translate General Jourdan's quote before chapter 32. I'm in French II, so out of "Esprit de rivalité et de mésintelligence qui péserva plus d'une fois l'armée anglais d'une déaite," I was able to make out "The spirit of rivalry and unintelligence who perserveres more the one [something] English army the one defeat." Somehow, I think that's wrong.) The other thing I didn't care for was all the stories about El-ahrairah. They gave an insight into the rabbits' spirituality, yes, but I'd much rather hear about what Hazel and Fiver and Bigwig are up to.

Now, as for my little warren here... Well, it's not so little anymore. So far, there's eighty-six members. It's growing fast, but I still need more people-- er, rabbits-- to join in. If you like Watership Down, role playing games, or rabbits, I urge you to join. The general idea is that we all act out Watership Down -type stories on this page's message board as the rabbit or elil characters we create.


We also have a new feature at this page. It's the Watership Down Interactive Story. Basically, it is a choose your own adventure story that you can add on to yourself. What do you do? You read the story and click on the choices at the bottom of the page to go to the next chapter. If the choice leads to a dead end, you can write the next chapter yourself. Easy, huh? If you're having trouble, go to the site where I got the idea: Griffin Bryant's Star Wars Interactive Story.

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