The rabbit:

Name: Threar

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Brown fur, exept for a black stripe running from nose to ear tips

Physical size: Small

Physical description: Looks an awful lot like Blackberry

Current rank: Council member


She is very smart, smarter than most rabbits, and is very hyperactive and persuasive. She makes quick decisions when they are needed. A steady, reliable friend, she is Posy-rah's strong right paw, since she is one of the original members. As a younger rabbit, she tried to start her own warren, but soon returned after the venture failed. She does know alot about warren manegment, though. A very hyperactive and persuasive rabbit.


The human:

Name: Miki

Age: 14

Gender: Female



Has read Watership Down, Tales from Watership Down, and Redwall. She tried to run Vleflain, a WD Web archive, but then her computer crashed, she lost her e-mail, she lost her password, comets destroyed the earth, her house caught on fire... You get the idea. (Last two not real!!!) Not only that, but she owns the WD webring!


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