The rabbit:

Name: Thlay-elil

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Efrafan coloring with a white belly, hence her name, "Thlay-elil"

Physical size: Medium-small

Current rank: Owsla officer


Thlay-elil was so named for her Efrafan-like coloration. She was brought up in a warren that shunned and mistreated her until she left when she was old enough. No one knows for sure where she has been most of her life, but supposedly she was a hlessi. Others disagree, saying that she joined Efrafa. They say that she was with them until a fight for a new leader broke out, and then she ran off, afraid to fight. Of course this is all just rumors. Today, Thlay-elil is a lonely, gentle rabbit that tries to seem tough. She can be very kind once someone reaches her. She hopes to have a mate and kits someday.


The human:

Name: Ally

Age: 15

Gender: Female



I love to read, write, and RPG. I also play Gelphi here. Long live Watership Down!


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