The rabbit:

Name: Than

Age: 11 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Black

Physical size: Good-sized

Current rank: Officer 5th class


Description: A good-sized, dark coloured 1 year old buck. He is black, save for one white wedge which runs from the tip of his nose to the top of his forehead. He is a fast runner - and well built to withstand running long distances, cunning, and has a touch of veheer senses. He is a quiet rabbit, and can often times come off as being cold or snobbish. He's very mistrusting of others, having been shunned his whole life. Once you get past his hard shell, there's a very tender, soft side to him.

History: He was born in a warren which shunned difference. Anyone who did not fit the "mould" of the warren was immediately out casted. This left several bad marks upon Than, which ultimately got him thrown from the warren as a young kit. He did not look like the others, who all had dark fur of a single colour. His white streak sent the Council Bucks in a frenzy to start. He then showed that he had a touch of the veheer talent, which had been proclaimed against the nature of all that Frith intended. It was ordered that her parents take her out and kill her. Unwilling to slaughter their own kit, his parents left him alone in a corn field at the age of 3 weeks. She has been a hlessi, taking care of himself ever since.


The human:

Name: Bob

Gender: Male



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