The rabbit:

Name: Tarrbuck

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Grey, with dark eye-markings (Think Efrafan colouration)

Physical size: Large

Current rank: Owsla officer


Distinctly Efrafan in appearance, Tarrbuck is a large, rangy-looking rabbit. Perhaps more hare-like than lapine in stature. He's muscular and sleek, with an athletic build, and is obviously in his prime. But the nicks in his ears give the impression that he's seen a fare amount of fights in his time.


He can seem somewhat unapproachable, and stand-offish, but under this exterior, he's can be dedicated and loyal to an almost fanatical extreme. However, he does not think twice about using his streangth to his advantage, as a fellow officer in the last Owsla he served under found out. (Tarrbuck was stripped of his position in the Owsla of his home warren after mortally wounding a superior officer {old rp history}.)


He is a skilled tracker and fighter.


The human:

Name: SXG

Age: 17

Gender: Female

E-mail: hugz@globalnet.co.uk



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