The rabbit:

Name: Tarkin

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Red, dark red, black, and white

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Ally


Tarkin is a small kit, who's parents were killed - the fox by one of the scouting parties in this here warren, and the vixen by a hunter. His siblings were all slughtered by the hunter as well, except for one - Eidos. After Tarkin had no where to go, he came to Posy-Rah's warren, having know that Buckwheat was a great friend to him, along with Alder. He hoped that he would be accepted. He wants dearly to be aid to the rabbits who saved his life, and tries to be a friend.

He is small, but will grow to the size of a normal fox, or bigger, seeing as he was weaned off of milk earlier than expected, and started eating meat. He is a dark orange/red color, and has black socks on all four feet, and a white tipped tail. His black/white face features on his face are there, but have no yet been distunguishly developed yet.


The human:

Name: James

Age: 17

Gender: Male

E-mail: purple_mercury@hotmail.com



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