The rabbit:

Name: Tambre

Age: 9 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Brown, with a white ear sock

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Tracker


Tambre came into the warren, simply looking to be accepted. He never had never really had a warren to call his own. Wandering from place to place as a hlessi, he finally found Posy-Rah's, and decided to stay, for a least a time.

He is a wonderful, outgoing rabbit, with an optimistic sense of almost everything. He is rather shy at the beginning, but when he gets to know people, he opens up, and becomes a rather loveable rabbit. He has an excellent nose, which is why he makes a wonderful tracker. He is very cunning, and very fast, and is also built well enough to be able to withstand running long distances - a good rabbit to have around in a bad situation, he takes rather easy them, being able to think, and act very quickly.

He has brown fur, which alters in shades, depending on what season it is. In winter, it leans to be darker than usual, and in summer, lighter. He is completely brown, with the exception of a white ear-sock, on his right ear, and a white tail. His eyes, are hazel, and change like his coat.


The human:

Name: Jackson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

E-mail: chetspeed@hotmail.com



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