The rabbit:

Name: Snowdrop

Age: kitten

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Light cream with tan points

Physical size: Large for a kitten

Current rank: Leader of the Kittens *G*


Snowdrop was one of the kittens from Than and Alder's first litter. Also the first litter to be born at the warren. She has turned out to be the leader of the kittens, more often then not leading them into trouble. She is a proud kitten and likes to rough-house with her litter-mates. She often tells her mother that she wishes to become an Owsla Captain one day, which Alder shakes her head at and simply smiles.


The human:

Name: Kristen

Age: 17

Gender: Female



Well let's see... I'm 17, go to a private school (I have study hall from 1-1:45 so if you want to straight RP at that time.*G*). I'm into a lot of sports and am president of the Ski Club. I also play Alder and Owlbane here as well. So in winter I don't post as much, but I love people and animals since I work at a zoo I must!


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