The rabbit:

Name: Self-heal

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Black

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Seer


Despite her name, that of a powerful medicinal herb known to both rabbits and men, Self-heal is practically one of the Thousand herself. Ominous rumors of her ability to call down elil on her enemies among rabbits have swept through the warrens she's passed through, making her practically a permanent hlessi.


"She walks hand-in-hand with Inlé himself," it is whispered when word is brought of the one time she faced an Efrafa Wide Patrol before Woundwort was driven out. It is said that Self-heal simply stood her ground like a rabbit gone tharn, while a pack of foxes fell on the patrol, never touching her.


But for all the ominous rumors, Self-heal seems like a genial doe, not much unlike Fiver with regards to her for the rumors, she says nothing of them, but there is always an air of her quiet disbelief in those stories around her at all times...


The human:

Name: Bryndri

Age: Old enough to know better

Gender: Female



Wai...Self-heal was a whim. Don't ask me where she hopped out of my brain. ^ ^


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