The rabbit:

Name: Seabreeze

Age: 11 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Tan, with white underbelly, muzzle, and throat, with dark brown highlights on ears, pawtips, and tail.

Physical size: Small


A small, lanky yearling doe. She is sandy tan, with pure snow white on her belly, throat, and muzzle. Her ears are slightly long but not overly so, and are tipped with chocolate brown. Her pawtips and tail tip are also splashed with this chocolate color. Her eyes are deep amber, bright and energetic. Her long back legs are only flecked with muscling, denoting that perhaps she wouldn't be able to go long distances, but with her size, she is extremely quick.


She has a personality of a jokester, of a goodnatured rabbit out to have fun. She is sharp witted, quick to come back with a clever comeback but yet slow to anger. A good one to have on your side.


The human:

Name: Myself. Call me Myself. I am Myself.

Age: My home planet's numbering system does not relate to that of Earth's; therefore I could not tell you. I could give an intelligent guess. Somewhere between 5 and 115.

Gender: Female



I play basketball! Yeah!!!



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