The rabbit:

Name: Quicksilver

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Grayish-brown with a pewter-colored cap and a light tan underbelly, dark blue eyes

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Owsla officer


I am an intelligent, quiet, kind, handsome buck. I lost my mate at my old warren to a man's steel trap. We had one litter of kits together, and they were nearly grown when their mother was killed. Later they left the warren in search of a new home that was safer when another doe was lost to yet another trap. I decided to go my separate way as well, and I ended up here at Posy-rah's warren. I hope to find another mate here and father some more kits. At my old warren, I was a runner and a tracker in the Owsla. I hope my skills will prove useful in the Owsla here at my new home.


The human:

Name: Sadie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

E-mail: norntales@yahoo.com


I really like to RPG. I also love to read, write, draw, and play games like Myst, Riven, and Titanic: Adventure Out of Time on my computer.


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