The rabbit:

Name: Posy-rah

Age: 11 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: White with a gray face and back

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Chief rabbit and founder of the warren


I'm a pretty friendly doe, but I can be a bit headstrong when it comes to getting it done my way. Don't let it get to you, you just gotta push me around a bit. Although I won't always follow it, I always appreciate advice from others.


The human:

Name: Simone

Age: 16

Gender: Female

E-mail: posy-rah@mailcity.com


I have read Watership Down and Tales from Watership Down . I also like Star Wars, Monty Python, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, writing, reading, my dog Auggie, Renaissance faires, making movies, and acting. I hope to someday work for George Lucas as a director, producer, actor, writer, or special effects technician. (Gotta keep my options open. ;-) )


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