The rabbit:

Name: Owlbane

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark brown with a white ear and large tan line going down his back

Physical size: Large

Current rank: Storyteller and Owsla member


Owlbane is a large and rather dark mooded rabbit. He never lets anything about his past escape except that he was once a great storyteller. He has mastered many languages, though no one knows how, and easily mimics birds when the mood is upon him.

His name was given to him when he, as a younger rabbit, took on an owl to save his mate, who died anyway. Before that he was known as Dewdrop. His warren was disbanded after man came and he searches for his father still along with other members of his warren.

Owlbane, though forboding, is quite genial and pleasent to those around them, but horribly blunt. If he doesn't like a rabbit he will always let them know his dislike.


The human:

Name: Kristen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

E-mail: KMKMOJO@aol.com


I also play Alder, but got a little tired of being a 'nice' rabbit so decided to creat Owlbane.


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