The rabbit:

Name: Nip

Age: 2 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Chocolate brown

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


My name is Nip and I'm a very young rabbit, still pretty much a kitten. Gelphi found me alone and half dead in a small nest when she was coming back from a garden raid once, and she took me in. I don't remember what happened to me because I was so young when she found me. I live with her in her burrow, and other rabbits hardly ever see me because I'm very shy. I always silflay right outside the warren and I'm not out for long because I'm afraid to be a lot of places without Gelphi because she is like my mother. I am in her burrow most of the time playing little games I make up for myself, and when Gelphi is not busy with the Owsla she takes me outside to play. I am always on the lookout for friends. When I'm with friends I am playful and talkative, otherwise I'm pretty quiet and cautious.


The human:

Name: Charlotte

Age: 11

Gender: Female



My name is Charlotte and I'm Ally's little sister. She plays Gelphi. I'm not a very good writer so my sister will always write out my posts for me, though they're still my posts. I'm learning disabled so Ally will also have to explain a lot of things to me, and I probably won't post too often. I like role playing with my stuffed animals, even though it seems babyish. It helps me with my speech and thinking skills. I've never read Watership Down, though I've watched the movie with my sister a couple of times. I didn't really like all the blood and violence but I like all the rabbits. Hazel is my favorite, and then my next favorites are Bigwig and Fiver. Well, seeya around the warren.


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