The rabbit:

Name: Nightfire

Age: 10 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Black for the most part save a strange red patch across the left half of her head that stops about to her shoulders.

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


Nightfire got her name from her strange coloring. She was also the brunt of many jokes from her old warren and was always in fights because of it. One day one of the young bucks attacked her and she fought him, they tumbled down a hill and Nightfire pulled out of the tumble and saw that they were on the black river. She screamed at him and tried to warn him when she saw a Hrududu comming towards him. He didn't believe her and reared back to attack her. Her eyes widdened as she saw the hrududu run him down. She ran over to the bushes and hid in them trying to erase the horror she saw. Someone found her and what was left of the buck. They took her before the Chief Rabbit and he proclaimed that she be marked and cast out. One of her guards bit her left back leg leaving a deep bleeding wound that would scar over. Then they chased her from the warren. She ran and found herself near here, after a few weeks of running.


The human:

Name: Cassandra

Age: 18

Gender: Female



Believe it or not I read the book before I saw the movie. I fell in love with the novel and then sought out the movie. I have an interest in art and attempt to draw. I'm currently working on a comic with one of my friends. It's still in the planning stages. Let's see, I'm a senior in HS, and on the same newspaper staff as Juniper. I also do a lot of RPing on MUCKs, I run two of em. And I think that does it.


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