The rabbit:

Name: Nettle-rah

Age: 1 year and 9 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Sort of dusty black with steel-coloured eyes, like the colouring of most Efrafans.

Physical size: Medium, but when I stand on my hind legs I look very tall

Current rank: An outskirter, but I lead a group of hlessil whenever we travel.


Since I spent some time in Efrafa (about nine months of my life) under the Neck Mark, I developed a bitter nature and a bad temper. I make good use of my claws and teeth when I want to win a dispute, though lately I'm controlling my anger better.

I have a slight build, though when I rear up on my haunches, I'm rather tall. My ears are torn at the tips, due to punishment from the Council. My body has several scars on it, though thanks to some cleaning, they are going away. My right eye has poor vision, since I injured it in a fight, and the Mark on my throat still remains.

My brothers are Hazel-rah and Fiver, and my mate is Blackavar (we look alike, as Bluebell jokes about constantly!). I like to live as a hlessi, travelling from warren to warren with my other brother Dockleaf, my brother-in-law Foxglove, and his kittens. That's how I came upon this place, and I'm glad I did!


The human:

Name: Nichola

Gender: Female



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