The rabbit:

Name: Nashayla (which means "a shining star at dusk")

Age: 3 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: A light rusty brown, with white paws.

Physical size: Very, very small-- the smallest in the warren.

Current rank: I have never been given a rank, but would be happy to be given one


I am very very small and quite lucky to be alive. I fled from my warren looking for a place to escape fromt the horrible oppression from the Owsla. There was no Chief Rabbit, Yatti-rah was killed by the Owsla and anyone who tries to assume leadership is starved to death. The Owsla would silflay before any of the others, leaving only rat weed left. When we were permitted up, rabbits would scratch each other to death just to get out of the warren so they might eat. I can't remember ever having real grass. I almost always went to bed hungry, covered in scratches from my efforts to feed. I am terribly shy because no one has ever told me to speak, only to shut up. Because of my small size, others picked on me and often scratched me. The only thing I could do was hide from them. I feel very lucky to be at your warren, Posy-rah, and I hope that I might be accepted. I shall remain loyal to you always.


The human:

Name: Angela

Age: 14

Gender: Female



I need some help writing these essays:

- Compare/contrast Hazel and Woundwort's leadership.

- Describe 5 rabbits from the novel Discuss the foreshadowing used in W.D.

- Compare human and rabbit society/civilization.

- What are strengths and weaknesses in WD as a children's novel?

- Themes and meanings from the novel.


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