The rabbit:

Name: Magnolia

Age: 1 year, 5 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Soft black

Physical size: Medium-sized, lithe

Current rank: Owsla member


Mag's a very spirited rabbit who loves the rough and tumble way of life. She's rather brash and bold, which can often land her in a world of trouble. She trusts easily, despite past experience, and will do anything for a friend. Whenever someone is feeling down, she always takes it upon herself to cheer them up or make them laugh. Despite her merriness, she can also have her extremely serious moments, and dispense worthwhile advice without letting on anything about her own past.

She has a runner's physique, with black fur and no scars. Her eyes are a lively hazel, and often reflect what she's thinking. She's somewhat at a loss when it comes to bucks though, being too much of a tomboy to know what to do around them.


The human:

Name: Emily

Age: 16

Gender: Female



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