The rabbit:

Name: Lillyplum

Age: Kitten (very young)

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Light brown with white tips

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


Lillyplum was the third born kitten of Than and Alder's litter. She was born on a snowy day towards the beginning of winter.

She is a light brown - almost chesnut color - with white tips on hear ears and on her front two paws. Also, her left haunch is barely flecked with white. She has two straight ears, which are shorter than most rabbit's - but they don't odd, they look dainty. She's very cute. At least she thinks so. As a matter of fact, she thinks that she's the best little doe in the entire world. Her ego is tremendous. She's also a goodie-goodie, mommy's baby, and a super snob. But she's very sweet, and is very easy to get along with, since she's so agreeable.


The human:

Name: Jason

Age: 17

Gender: Male



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