The rabbit:

Name: Larkspur

Age: Kitten (very young)

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark silver with a touch of black

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


Larkspur is the second born kitten of Than and Alder. He's still very young, and full of pep. He was born soon after the first snow fall. His immune system is good. Since he was born in such harsh weather conditions, he's learned to stand up to sickness, and cold - probably more so than most rabbits.

He is very dark silver, with a touch of black - though he almost always looks all black unless he's in the right lighting. His coat is rather lovely, and it shimmers when it is taken care of properly. He has two straight ears, and is well fit for a kitten. When he's older, he wants to be a member of the warren's owsla.

He's a trouble maker. He loves mischief, and loves to disobey. He follows rules for the most part, but he loves finding loop-holes in his parent's requests. He's somewhat of a bully, being the biggest kitten. He enjoys shoving around his siblings. But he doesn't hurt them, he simply does it for amusement. He trusts everyone - which could be a bad thing - and he will do almost anything he's "dared" to by another rabbit. He doesn't have much self-control, or much of a conscience. But over all, he's a good kitten.


The human:

Name: Jason

Age: 17

Gender: Male



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