The rabbit:

Name: Jeddah

Age: 11 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark gray, with a black leg sock

Physical size: Good-sized

Current rank: Owlsa member


Jeddah was born a hlessi. He wandered away from his mother at a comparatively young age, and has fended for himself ever since. He wandered upon Posy-Rah's Warren, and was accepted. Deciding that he liked it, he stayed, and intends to for a good amount of time.

He is dark gray, with a black boot on his left hind leg. Also, his left haunch is flecked with black. His fur somewhat lightens in the summer time, and he becomes almost silver. He has dark blue eyes, with a gray under-ring.

He is a good runner, and can withstand long running distances. He is an exceptional fighter, and has a large battle scar under his hind right leg. He is very cunning, and is fully willing to risk his life for his chief, or any member of his warren. He has a strong, upright nature, and is extremely loyal. A good friend, and a bad enemy. He doesn't trust others very easily, unless you show him you are sincere.


The human:

Name: Nate

Age: 18

Gender: Male




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