The rabbit:

Name: Heartwood

Age: 4 years, 11 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: He was once a dun color, but now is salt-n-pepper with gray all around his face from age

Physical size: Large

Current rank: Warren member


Heartwood is an old rabbit that has wandered from warren to warren for his entire life. He is quite wise and likes to give advice to those who seek it. He is very battle scarred and only has one and a half ears. He is always willing to tell storys to younger rabbits and watch them to give their parents peace. Heartwood is notoriously amusing and will often have fun with practical jokes. He is also quite impatient with young rabbits who have dreams of grandeur and will willingly jump in and destroy that dream of being famous by battle


The human:

Name: Jason

Age: 23

Gender: Male

E-mail: lobstersurprise@yahoo.com


I work with computers and breed large cats at my fathers ranch. I LOVE E-MAILS!!!


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