Dewberry (kitten)

The rabbit:

Name: Dewberry

Age: Kitten

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark brown with a white wedge on his forehead

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


Dewberry is the fifth member born of Than and Alder's first batch of kittens. He, and his siblings, were born on a semi-snowy day towards the beginning of winter. It's a difficult thing being born at the start of winter, and not having any time to build up your immune system -- so he had a little trouble, but not much.

He looks like his parli, Than, except he's a dark brown, and not black. He's a dark brown mossy color with a white wedge on his forehead. He has two long straight ears, and long legs. His tail is darker than the rest of him, so it almost looks black. He'll no doubt be quite handsome when he's older.

He had inherited the veheer sense from his parli, but he got it much stronger -- since it skipped a generation. He has visions about lots of things, and they come and go as they please. He can't harness the ability, or at least hasn't learned how to yet. Sometimes the powers scare him -- which is why he shuns away from a lot of others. The only beings he'll let into his life are his immediate family.


The human:

Name: Jessica

Age: 17

Gender: Female



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