The rabbit:

Name: Buck

Age: 15 months

Gender: Male (buck) (Duh.)

Coloring: Grey and brown

Physical size: Big but harmless


I am a mild mannered, modestly intelligent creature with silvery green eyes, brown hair, and a medium build.


The human:

Name: Rich

Age: 21

Gender: Male

E-mail: bergeror@norwich.edu


I like the story of WD, because I go to a military school that reminds me of a communist regime. I can relate to these rabbits, because it's as if my own home is being destroyed by people who know nothing about it. I am just an innocent, fun loving college kid trying to enjoy my college years, and all my rights are being imposed on by military leaders who have no respect for humanity. It's all a big circus I want no part of, and I am graduating this May, so I'll put it all behind me then. The best part about this place is the camaraderie and the spirit that envelopes the resistance. I consider myself a leader of that resistance, or at least of a few scraggly buck private cadets who don't give a damn about looking sharp in uniform and live our days as free-spirited men and women.

I like to box as a sport, but I try to stay away from fighting of all kinds unless its refereed. I have an easy smile, a bright disposition, and I'm commonly so happy that people ask me upon sight, "Are you drunk?" I write...alot! I enjoy reading as well, and I write just about everything. I have two articles published so far and am working on others.


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