The rabbit:

Name: Blix

Age: 1 year, 7 months

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Brown and black

Physical size: Large, well-off

Current rank: Owsla member


He is a handsome buck. His thlay is well-kept, and he is well-fit. He has dark brown eyes, with look almost black unless he is in the right lighting. He is a dark, healthy, brown -- though some patches of thlay fade into black. He has tall ears, and a normal-sized tail. His legs are large, long and powerful. Overall, he is a magnificant specimen of rabbit.

He came to this warren after leaving an incredibly militaristic one. He was a high ranking officer in the Owsla. He was often said to have a macabre attitude. He doesn't care about life, because he knows that it means nothing when it comes down to what really matters: winning. He was taught that if the choice is winning a battle, or dying, you should win the battle. He has killed many rabbits in life life time during battle -- and he is still particularly young. He fights with amazing force and agility, and only has miniscule battle scars to show for all of his many fights, and many victories.

He is a cold individual, and doesn't have many friends. For him, his only purpose in life is to defend his warren. He had left his old warren after much considerable thought -- but they had made some stupid decisions, and felt that they were not worthy enough of his extreme range of skills. He had left a doe there, and kittens, but he didn't care. Love had only come to him for them -- and as soon his the kittens had been slaughtered for not being strong enough, and his doe placed in quarantine with the other does who didn't produce good litters -- his only love was shattered.

His is extremely loyal. His purpose is to defend his warren, and his higher-ranking officers. His respect rate is more than acceptable. He follows orders from any direct higher-ranking officer to the exact detail, and always gives his all to every job that he does. He treats rabbits below his status as hraka-scoopers. To him, he feels that anyone who doesn't give their greatest into everything they do, is pitiful. And when anyone is below him, he takes that all out of them. He doesn't make friends easily, but when someone gets through his incredibly hard shell, they find a soft, sugar-coated inside filled with everything anyone could want in a companion.

Posy-rah's warren attracted him because of their lack of military. He had observed Caliber-rah's warren, and decided that they already had enough to deal with in that area. He came here, in hopes of trying to get a well-built Owsla, with a militarists eyes, started.


The human:

Name: Chad

Age: 21

Gender: Male



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