The rabbit:

Name: Birch

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Dark silver fur, with black ear tips and a black stripe down his back

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Owsla officer


I'm a pretty nice fellow, though I can be a bit distant at times. My parents named me Birch because I was born under a birch tree (and the warren was called Birchwood), not because I looked like one. Our warren was new, and I was the first kit born there, so it seemed only fitting that I be named Birch.

When I was a year old, my parents disappeared along with several other rabbits. No one ever found out what happened to them. I was training to become a member of the Owsla at the time, and I wished they could have seen Captain Thunder ask for me to come with him on my first mission. I was in the intelligence Owsla. Six months later when Captain Thunder died fighting a weasel, I decided to leave the warren to find a new home. Rabbits were still misteriously disappearing, and I didn't want to be next. I left and had been wandering for over six months before finding this warren. I hope my talents will be of good use in the Owsla here.

I have never had a mate or kits, nor do I plan to unless I find a doe that I develope feelings for, and the feelings are returned.


The human:

Name: Ally

Age: 15

Gender: Female



Yadda yadda yadda... Well, I play Gelphi, Thlay-elil, and Quicksilver here, but I haven't really been doing much with Quicksilver. My sister Charlotte plays Nip. I thought it might be nice to have another character to knock around, so... ;-)


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