The rabbit:

Name: Auren

Age: 8 months

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Reddish brown

Physical size: Medium-sized

Current rank: Warren member


Auren is a loveable rabbit. She is gentle in her disposition, and is known for her extrordianry sweetness. She is very shy though, and thinks very low of herself. She was exiled from her warren when she was found talking with the owsla cheif of her neighboring warren, asking ot join. This was forbidden, does could _never_ be seen fighting, they were always to be passive. Constantly having her ideas shunned, she slowly lost all self-respect. Though she enjoys being around others, laying in the sunshine, and hearing stories. She hopes one day to find a mate, and one day have kittens.

She is a light brown, splashed with a crimson red. Quite lovely to look at. Oddly, she has bright sky blue eyes, which stand out. They are very clear, and reflect her emotions. She is an extremely fast running, and could probably outrun most members of the warren. She isn't an exceptionally wonderful fighter, but if she had to defend herself, she easily could. Her size isn't very big, but she is large enough to not be considered 'small' or 'runtish'. She has a touch of veheer senses, and has been know to predict things.


The human:

Name: Jessica

Age: 18

Gender: Female




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