The rabbit:

Name: Ashwood

Age: Kitten

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Silver and brown

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Warren member


Ashwood was the forth member born of Than and Alder's litter. He was born on one of the first days of snow in winter. He's a very healthy kitten, and has lots of energy.

He is silver, with brown patches all over him. He resembles his marli, Alder. He has two straight ears, and very strong legs, even for a kitten. He's a fast runner, and is the fastest among his siblings. He has a fuzzy white tail, and gray eyes.

He's a very good listener. He almost always does what he is told, unless he's convinced otherwise by his siblings. He's very diciplined, especially for a kitten. He likes getting into mischief (and he especially loves wrestling around with his male siblings) but in the end he would prefer to learn. He loves his parents, and wants to make them happy.


The human:

Name: Jackson

Age: 17

Gender: Male



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