Chapter nine

"What Happened to Chestnut"

by Gelphi


Chestnut swallowed and finally looked up at Hazel.

"I... I'm from Ef... Efrafa," he finally choked out.

Bigwig cocked his head at that. Fiver shuddered. Hazel shook his head. "Would you care to tell us what happened to you?" he asked gently.

Chestnut sighed and said, "I was in their Owsla. It was a good life... ordered, relatively peaceful... but one day I saw just how... wrong it was, the way the warren members were treated like... prisoners... so I ran away. A captain and a scout saw me getting away and they came after me. They caught up to me, and it was the two of them versus me in a fight to the death... but I somehow managed to kill them both and I barely got away from there with my life... I wandered, injured and weak, for many days, looking for a kind warren that would take me in... and here I am..." He looked at Hazel sadly.

Hazel sighed. "Yes, here you are... I'm not sure... I... what I'm trying to say is that I have got to consider the safety of this warren..."

Bigwig nodded in agreement. Fiver had been warily gazing at Chestnet all the while.

Hazel sat where he was, deep in thought. True, Chestnut was alone and injured and weak and could use a place to stay, but then again this could be an elaborate trap from Efrafa designed to get Hazel, the chief rabbit of their enemy warren, killed...

Finally, Hazel spoke again...


What does Hazel tell Chestnut?

1. "All right, you may stay here, but at the first sign that you are not who you claim to be, I will have to make you leave the warren."

2. "No, I'm terribly sorry Chestnut, but I'm just too suspicious of the fact that this could be an elaborate trap from Efrafa designed to get me killed. You will have to leave immediately and find some other warren to stay with."


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